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TD Ameritrade – The Campaign You’ve Seen, Remember, But Don’t Care

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen this image.  It’s TD Ameritrade, and they have been sponsoring everything from College football to an Online Financial Reality Series.

So do their spots resonate, are they connecting with the people who are actually their potential customers or are they white noise?  I want to take a step back and speak about the concept of the commercials and the production value before making some rash judgement.

This spot above is a beautifully shot spot. Done with high quality cameras, great controlled lighting and especially some fantastic post with some noticeable ADR (I wish I could job backwards and never have to breath in!) But what did you take away? Did you rush over to TD Ameritrade to look at all those features? Did you have any emotion created inside you at all?

I’m pretty sure TD Ameritrade is having a good year, I could head over and check their specific number and I’m pretty sure they would be average, maybe slightly higher then average growth, with larger then normal investment in marketing.

As the over the top, Mark Stevens would say, “Your Marketing Sucks”. I personally wouldn’t go that far, but I would say its better produced and better designed then the average national financial institution; but its White Noise!

They need to actually connect with an audience and they need to do that with emotion and not talking at them, but with them!