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Seattle Video Production Series

We’ll it’s about time we blogged about the fun we have been having over on our youtube channel. If you haven’t seen it, the crew of Random Original Productions has put together a great series of videos that are continuously getting released and uploaded on nearly a daily basis.

Therefore we decided to create a playlist for easily access and sharing! Enjoy

It should be noted that this was also done as a proof of concept of what our creative team at Random Original believe is the way you should connect with your fans, customers and potential clients in the social media arena. Our facebook page has seen constant continuous growth with no other marketing for the last two months because of these videos. No PPC, No Promotions or give aways. Honest content and content is king!

We would also like to mention that a major client of ours is stepping up with the concept and we will be going into production on the similar new media content for them as well. We look forward to sharing that with you as well in the near future!