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Reading Wars

Buying or checking out books has definitely changed over the last couple of years.  The new advancements of E-readers out there are shaking up the publishing/distributing industry of book manufacturing. But how big is this effect?

Look what happened to newspapers. Placing their content online and the ability to see the news “now” changed the game dramatically. Now with the ability to read downloadable books on a single device, some questions can arise. Will people stay true to the firm crisp feeling between their fingers as they sit in bed falling into a captivating narrative? Or will they choose to have a library literally at hand that weighs less than a laptop that they can take anywhere?

kindle vs nook Reading Wars

Only time will tell. Although, having used both these ways to read a novel, it all comes down to usability, convenience and comfort.

And that my friends is all determined by the user. Which can definitely go both ways.  

So how are you going to react. Weither your in a bussiness or an individual, it will have an effect on you. How are you going to turn the page? With a lick then turn or the press of a button?