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No Budget, No Content, No Time…. No Problem!!!

Well we normally advise again this, but sometimes clients need something fast.  It happens to every business at some point.  And that is what happened here.  Deadline for the weekend run for commercials is 2pm today, client doesn’t have time to shoot content let alone come up with a creative script or concept.

So can Random Original Productions deliver, you bet we can.  The video is the commercial that is running this weekend.

This video obviously might not be anything to write home about. Its not going to win any awards and its certainly not one of our sizzle reels, so why put it up?  We are posting it because in businesses you don’t always get the “perfect” circumstances, you have to work with what you got, and you need to deliver.

We would like to note that Random Original, our full scale creative agency doesn’t represent this client.  Random Original Productions does work for many different agencies and clients because everyone needs top notch production capabilities.

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