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Live on Youtube – Random Original doesn’t want you to get left behind.

With every attempt we make to insure our blog isn’t only about google, it’s hard not to post on things that will change the way our clients will connect with their customers.  Youtube on it’s official blog has just announced that they are working hard on delivering live content streaming.

We have been banging the drum pretty loud for several years that our clients should have youtube channels delivering their contents to not only their customers but many times their fans.  With this recent announcement it only takes it up a notch with the need for all of our clients and potential clients to consider the effect that streaming content can have on their marketing and budgets.

Random Original has known, as many in the industry have known, that mass streaming content has been coming for some time, with the likes of ustream.com and their competitors.  We feel fortunate that with the complete integration of creative, production, studios and post that we are one of the best resources of businesses wanting to take advantage of this new medium.