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Gum Wars

From Bazooka to Juicy Fruit, the gum industry has come a long way in providing the public the the means to chew.

Although, have you noticed that the advertisements have stepped their game up in recent years? Think about when Orbit gum decided to snag a spot on prime time by telling you in a British accent that you have a dirty mouth. It caught on very quickly and some big name brands started stepped up to the plate.

Instead of creating a simple jingle or having a cute kid sell the brand, they resorted to well-planned comical strategies.

You might have seen this one but I think anyone would have loved to write this. 

And when the big name of Trident decided to take their swing, they created stellar camera zooms that are normally disorienting. But they pulled it off in a slightly odd but memorable way. Enjoy!


And not sure if you want a gum to cool you off or heat things up, but here are two examples of how the gum industry is keeping it sexy. Enjoy.