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Got Originality

“The most absolutely frightening thing about being what’s called a creative person is that you have no idea where your thoughts come from. You especially don’t know where they will come from tomorrow.”

This opening statement from the Documentary entitled “Art and Copy”, coveys an interesting take on ingenuity.

This film as a selection from the Sundance Film Festival shows firsthand how advertisements really make a business effective. It’s the creative minds that look at your business with fresh eyes to produce some of the most unique and compelling marketing.

For example, “Got Milk” was almost turned down because it linguistically didn’t make sense. But it’s the base of the meaning that changed the dairy industry forever. That’s where we come in. We are the movers/shakers, creators, and foregrounding thinkers that can look at your business with these fresh eyes.

Let us put the thinking cap on for you… I guarantee you will be pleased.