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Fresh Eyes, er…Fresh Faces?

Sometimes it’s difficult to take a look at your marketing mix and reevaluate things. What you have been doing for years seems to have been working ok…but maybe…MAYBE revenue is sliding. Customers are dropping off the map, and you just need a new way to catch their attention.

Technology is always on the move, and so is a two-year-old. Lucy here can run this camera with no problem at all. She could probably upload the content to YouTube if I gave her my password. I pride myself on being able to look at things with fresh eyes. Much like a two-year-old looks at a ladybug on a sidewalk.

Maybe it’s time we took a look at your marketing mix with fresh eyes to see what video can do for you. A promotional video for a trade show? A video stream for your website? How can you draw people in to see what you have to offer?

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