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And the Phone War Continues…

We all know that a phone just isn’t a phone anymore…

Its the coolest plaything you could ever ask for! There are so many applications that you can have available for the price of a cup of coffee. These include business, pleasure, or whatever applications that drive your life.

Wait… when did it become all about the applications? Check out this article which props up the Android phones applications in opposition to the I-Phone.

But is that why we are buying phones now? To have the capabilities of giving our fingers exercise on a game, or to have business information literally at hand?

Either way, phones should have a new name in my opinion. Because a “phone” is not exactly what these devices are anymore. They are a multi interface computer telephone camera toy – Intercomptelera…. maybe not the best name in the world but you get the picture.

Lets keep an eye out for how iPhone will react to the advertisements of the Android… its going to be a rough battle for both sides. And we will be awaiting the next big name contenders… whoever they may be.