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Grab your Bucket

If you have seen or heard of the movie, it’s interesting to note the way the public have taken an interest in creating this said list for themselves.

Just yesterday I met someone who has accomplished most of the things on their bucket list and was about to cross another off (buying and commuting daily with a vintage BMW 650).

But it’s more than just the films narrative which attracted action; it’s the meaning and feelings behind the lens.

Another movie which fashioned a movement was “Pay it Forward”. People are still paying it forward at coffee shops (buying the next person in line their latte), street corners (giving them their cab ride), and pretty much anywhere else that can affect someone’s day/life. The films effect is still occurring ten years after its release.

 Pay It Forward Grab your Bucket

What is this effect then in ads or film which makes people act and react instead of just walking away?

It’s the concepts that start on a white board, notebook, and sometimes even on napkins at the local pub.

When a well thought out idea is conceptualized in pre-production, the sky is the limit. And from examples, these napkin drawn out ideas can have lasting impressions.