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What does Random Original do?


What is it that you do? Probably the most common pick up line used in a Bar for the past 100 years. What do you do? It’s how we identify ourself, our value and sometimes quickly tell people if you potentially have the same interests.

Over the last several days we’ve gotten asked “What is it that Random Original does?” a lot, and we can understand why. We standardly answer, we are a full service advertising agency and production company. That normally at least creates the feeling that we answered the question, but did we really?

If you asked a GM line worker what he does, he doesn’t tell you “I review and analyze multi-composite geometric shape.” No he tell you he builds cars.

And if you asked a person what does Apple Computers (now Apple, Inc.) do, the average person wouldn’t say their a information technology design company, no they would say they make computers, ipods, iphones and ipads.

So what is it that we do? What is it that we create? Well to get down to the brass tacks of it, is that we create everything that can be physically displayed on any device and are the providers of getting it to those devices. But let’s be honest; that still isn’t very concrete.

On our website which we have spent countless hours creating, reviewing, destroying, rebuilding from scratch and destroying again. We have done our best to lay out simply and effortless the products and/or service we can and do provide for clients.

But in an effort of simplicity, this is an actual list of everything directly that we primarily do on a consistent basis. This list will never cover every little specific task, but it a start.

What does Random Original do?:

  • Marketing Analysis and Creative Planning (Detail reviews and proposals for entire year marketing strategies, including branding, campaigns, message, specials and events)
  • Buy Media (Broadcast, Cable, Print, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression, etc.)
  • Create Advertising (15, 30, 60 Second Commercials, Infomercials, Company Bios, New Media Content, Video SEO Content, Corporate Training & Educational Videos, Print Ads, Billboards, Copy, Photography, etc.)
  • Social Media Management (Art Direction, Copywriting, Branding/Identity, Graphic Design, Illustration, Flash Animation, Video Editing, Advanced Interface Design, Web Design & Programming including, HTML, CSS, MySQL, XHTML, HTML5, Flash, Open Source Content Management, E-Commerce Functionality, and Hosting.
  • Pre through Post Production (Location Scouting, Shoot Coordination & Logistics, Talent Casting, Legal Assistance, Photography, Multi-Camera Shoots, Dedicated Lighting Analysis, Makeup, Editing on Avid, FCP & Premiere, 3D Animation, Color Correction, Retouching, Image Optimization, Video Optimization)

Well that list might still seem a bit ambiguous.  So lets get product specific.

  • Do we Build Websites: Yes
  • Do we Host Websites: Yes
  • Do we build, manage and grow, facebook, twitter, youtube and all other social media channels: Yes
  • Do we buy Broadcast media nationally: Yes
  • Do we buy Broadcast media locally: Yes
  • Do we Buy Cable media: Yes
  • Do we create product promotional content: Yes
  • Do we do product Photography: Yes
  • Fill in blank here: YES!!

I think you are starting to catch the drift.

Plain and simply we’re content creators. We create the content that everyone loves to watch and connect with.  From features & short films, TV series, Informations, Webseries, Viral Videos and Commercials to Print ads, product shots, billboards, press kits, press releases, product demos etc. etc. etc.  The list never ends.

So I think from now on Random Original will try and do a little better job answer the question, “So what is it that you do?”  We’re content creators and were sure damn proud of it!