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The Stunning, Beautiful, Drop Dead Gorgeous Sofia Lyons

I think the title says it all, or maybe the photo does. Hard to say.  But as you probably can guess we very rarely ever post a model back to back on our site.  Actually with all honestly, this is the very first time.  Darn Sofia, now she has that title to her name as well.

Sofia was kind enough to grace us with her presence at our continuing Behind the Still series. Many people are starting to ask me why we do these. Obviously their isn’t any direct correlation to our Advertising Agency and this work is defiantly different then the National and Local Broadcast commercials we do.

I’m not sure if we’ve come up with a good answer to why we created and continue to create the Behind the Still series. Except there are two kinds of people in the world, those who create and those who want to get paid to create. We are obviously the of the first group and therefore because of that, it doesn’t matter if we only have two sticks and a puddle of mud, we’ll figure out a way to create something! Guess were just a little different.

Finally, we really wanted to share Sofia’s recent Behind the Still video.  Enjoy!