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Seattle Cheese Festival Facebook Page Experiment

Friday Morning, Random came up with the a crazy idea to do a social experiment this weekend, as he had heard that the Seattle Cheese Festival was being held this weekend. Random scheduled our photographer (Joe), and then connected with the beautiful model Hailey Hays to take this social experiments to the next level.

This experiment has some conditions on it, no spamming, no emailing at all, no invites even! Only connecting socially or having people find the page via search or QR codes.

That Friday afternoon, Random started searching for the facebook page for the Seattle Cheese Festival, and was surprised that there wasn’t one. There was a location page, and that was it. Random decided to take it upon himself to make a facebook business page for the Seattle Cheese Festival, where visitors and vendors could connect, the page was completed at 5pm Friday the 13th…

Random, Joe & Hailey arrived at the Seattle Cheese Festival, and proceeded to sample cheese, and took over 2000 pictures. They were amazed to find that none of the exhibitors had any materials promoting their facebook pages, or other available forms of social media. There wasn’t even any exhibitors using QR codes. This was amazing, especially due to the sheer volumes of people that attended the festival on Saturday (well over 5,000 visitors). When these people left, there was virtually no record of who they were, or that they had even attended.

The photos were uploaded Saturday evening to our Seattle Cheese Festival facebook page, and flickr.

The results are in….. in 48-hours, the Seattle Cheese Festival facebook page got almost 70 likes, over 70-check-ins, over 12,000 impressions and a shared reach of over 14,000 people!
Become #5 in google in less then 12hrs under targeted searches and #1 and #2 in 24hrs.

These are absolutely astounding numbers….wouldn’t you like your company’s facebook page to have social interaction like that month in and month out?

We do wish that more vendors had more of a social connection with all the visitors to the cheese festival. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to an event, tried something, gotten home, wanted to buy, and was even willing to buy online and pay for shipping, but couldn’t remember the name of the company! In today’s age of technology this should never happen!