Random Original Productions have three primary categories into which we divide our projects.

Indie Package

Indie Packages are great for small business and individuals who need to deliver their brand and messages on a budget. Even if your production budget is low, doesn’t mean that your production values have to be low. We strive to create high quality content at a fair price, which meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations. The client is responsible for providing talent, locations, creative concepts and script.

Studio Package

A step up from the Indie Package is our Studio Package, which allows you additional creativity and ease for creating more complex and polished content; designed to capture your audiences attention. The client is responsible for providing talent, creative concepts and script.

Blockbuster Package

When in a hyper competitive marketplace and you need to standout, you need top creative and production capabilities. At the Blockbuster Package level Random Original becomes your seamless production partner. Have a full time producer dedicated to delivering the highest quality content and concepts for your company to deliver brand recondition and increased revenue. Random Original Productions will assign one of our Creative Consultants / Producers to work with you to create an original concept which connects with your overall brand.