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Google Instant – Can’t Wait for Google Instant for Video

Well a couple days ago Google Instant was released.  We decided to hold off judgement until we had time to test it out and see what effects this might have on our clients and our industry as a whole.  We first must say it’s a phenomenal business decision by google and we do see it as a major step forward.

But what’s the brass tack? Google Instant is suppose to hit youtube shortly and we see that as a huge benefit for our clients and all new media video marketing.  More people will be exposed to more choices and options.  Individuals will  review content that is close or similar to what they were/are searching for.

This recent development in search or should we say “instant search” should once again raise a big flag for all of our clients and potential clients, that they need to be generating their stories and crafting their messages with delivery in mind.  Random Original looks forward to utilizing google instant search to its full potential for our clients.

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