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Gold’s Gym Mukilteo New Video Series

Random Original is pleased to have formed a partnership with Gold’s Gym Mukilteo, to assist them in branding, marketing strategy and logistical content creation. Like many small businesses, even a franchise like Gold’s Gym of Mukilteo, ownership and management can get absolutely swamped with trying to run the business, manage their employees or teammates, direct continuing improvement projects and communicate and reach out to past, current and future clients via a host of marketing en devours including a social media presence, and website. Needless to say, Gold’s Gym Mukilteo is always working really hard for to ensure each one of their members received a fantastic experience and terrific value for their dollar.

Random Original met with Gold’s Gym Mukilteo and discussed some possible ideas on how to take their company, location and world famous brand to the next level. It was determined that creating content would allowed Mukilteo Golds to better communicate with its members and through that communication to yield some powerful results. What was strategized was a continuing video series in which trainers are able to provide expert information to past, present and future members, so that everyone will now know how to use all the equipment and what are the latest technique being utilized by the top athletes around the world.

Here is the first video of this new series: Enjoy!

Random Originals and Gold’s Gym of Mukilteo’s relationship has just started to yield the fruit of many long days and nights. But we are excited to see this first initiative take flight and with several other project already underway, we are excited to share many more powerful things in the near future!