dxelectrica questions FAQs

Q: Why does Random Original want to know who our current advertising company is?


We would like to know who your current advertising company is so that we can identify if we have a previous business relationship with that agency.  We have worked with many agencies in the past, and we simply want to know if your agency is a company that we currently work with.

Q: Why does Random Original need to know my marketing budget?

At Random Original, every time we bringing on a new client, we do a full review of all their current and past marketing and advertising.  In this review we evaluate everything, from media buys, to creative, to connectivity, to track-able results. We understand that in many cases new clients are doing lots of things well and its more about make some strategic tweaks to increase their return on investment. A Business’s marketing budget is just one of the many piece we analyze when doing a complete marketing and advertising review for every new client.

Q: Who is Random Original?

Random Original is a full service advertising agency & production company with 12,000 sq. ft of studios located in Everett.

Q: Why should I use Random Original, when I’m perfectly happy with my current agency?

One of the reasons why company’s prefer to use Random Original is that unlike other advertising agencies, Random Original was born from the logistically consensus video production business and still maintains full production facilities all of which are in house.
On top of that we strive to have the brightest minds and cutting edge thinkers for our creative directors, photographers, copy editors, video production crew, editors, and social media managers.
By having all of these functions included under one roof, this ensures that there are no “middlemen” as you are going directly to the source, and will increase your return on your advertising investment across the board.

Q: Why does Random Original want to see our past marketing materials?

At Random Original, every time we bringing on a new client, we do a full review of all their current and past marketing and advertising.  Past marketing materials are just one of the many pieces we analyze when doing a complete marketing and advertising review for every new client.
What we have found is that for many clients, is that they are having some success in the past, and what we want to do is increase this success, so we always strive to see what has worked in the past, pair it with modern technology and modern ideas to drive for an improved return on investment.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

Our standard agency agreement allows us to act as a team…a partnership, in your marketing strategies.  It also allows us to talk to you about creative ideas, while maintaining corporate confidentiality in the process.

Q: If I wanted to change from my current agency, how difficult would the process be?

The transition to Random Original from a prior agency is completely seamless, and can normally occur within weeks, if not days.  One of the ways that we work, as a large agency, is that all information is stored on our cloud servers, which allows complete remote access to all materials when necessary.  In today’s global economy, this allows companies to access their materials no matter where they and their team are, 365 days per year.

Q: If I were to use Random Original for my media buying & planning, how much would this cost?

We try to maximize every dollar our clients spend on advertising & marketing.  Clients are generally quite pleased and surprised at the quality of work that can be achieved, for a very reasonable price due to technology and creative thinking.  All work that we perform is pre-approved by the client on a project by project basis, providing complete control by the client on all marketing plans and expenditures.
Advertising agencies, like Random Original, do not charge for their media planning and buying services. Fully recognised advertising agencies and licensed advertising agents earn their money from commissions paid to them by the media owners.

Q: Do I have to pay fees on media buys?

Random Original does not charge a fee on any media purchases.  Obviously, it requires much time and effort to perform a media buy for each client, which is explained fully in our agency agreement.

Q: I have a great relationship with the magazines and newspapers that I deal with, will this relationship be ruined if I use Random Original?

When Random Original negotiates a media buy on our clients behalf, it is not the end of the relationship between a client and a media owner. It allows the client to have a foil when negotiating costs and credits, whilst also freeing up the time to deal with the respective media supplier on other matters such as PR.

Q: How long does it take for a campaign to go live?

Well that depends on a lot of factors, but normally its not about how quickly a campaign can it go live, but when it should.  When is the right time for your business to make your marketing and advertising push, so that you’re adhead of the curve and easily cut through the clutter!

Q: How does Random Original determine where to run a campaign?

At Random Original we use sophisticated real-time analytics and industry data to cross reference your campaign objectives with demographic analysis of the Internet, together with audience demographics derived directly from our Publishers. This gives us a precise and measurable assessment of where best to run a campaign.
Also we believe in track-ability and therefore always strive to have any advertising investment be connected to a track-able result.

Q: Can Random Original run a campaign in multiple countries?

Yes. We have the ability to run a campaign locally, regionally, nationally, internationally, and globally.

Q: Is Random Original creative?

YES!!  We are creative, and we have some very fine out-of the box thinkers that devise marketing plans which are unique, and creative.  However, the most important item in creating a marketing plan is….EFFECTIVENESS…Creative is great, but if a marketing plan is not effective, than you are not getting a proper return on investment.

Q: Can an ad be both effective and creative?

YES, absolutely.  Random Original is not here to win awards.  We are here to help our clients maximize their return on investment.  Our primary mission is to ensure effectiveness on all ads placed by our clients, creative or not.

Q: How does Random Original estimate costs?

We take a look at each individual project, line item by line item, and each gets a customized budget.  This cost is then transmitted to the client for their pre-approval before work begins.  We strive to determine what our current clients budget is, and strive to maximize your return on investment.

Q: Are there ever cost over-runs?

In the 7-year history of Random Original, we are proud to say that every project has been completed on time, and on budget.  We use a detailed bid proposal, detailing the cost of each line item for your project, and provide the cost estimate.  This cost estimate is then basically set in stone.  The only way we would change pricing is if the client wanted to make additional unplanned or unexpected changes to a project.  This does occur, due to the multiple people involved in the creative process.

Q: Will using Random Original cost me more money?

Absolutely not, one of the number 1 reasons why every company should use an agency is that we can save each & every company money on their media buys.  Random Original adds to that, as all facilities are under one roof, there is no middleman involved.  Therefore, in most cases we will be equal to, or less than, you are currently paying for exactly the same (or better) services.

Q: If I work with Random Original do I lose advertising control?

Absolutely not.  We form a team, a partnership, with our clients.  We believe you actually have more control, as we bring more ideas to the table, allowing greater control over your advertising.  As all marketing projects are pre-approved by the client, and are trackable, this gives you 100% control over the entire process.

Q: Will Random Original represent my competition?

Our clients come from a variety of different industries,   Our philosophy in dealing with our clients is presenting the brand & message in the most effective way possible.  Each company has a different brand & message.  Our goal is to present your brand & message in the most effective way possible.

Q: How do I know if an Random Original can help me?

For every client that comes on board with us, we do a complete review on what you are currently doing, and will meet with you directly to discuss what you are doing right, and point out any areas that could be improved.  If you are doing everything right, then we can help you with your media buys, to reduce your cost & improve your return on investment.  As we provide full agency services, we have a variety of different services that can be offered, in whole, or in part.

Q: What benefits does an Random Original offer?

Random Original provides specialty services in the advertising and marketing space.  We provide expertise in this area, and have vast experience in helping companies realize and maximize the return on investment from marketing expenditures.  Additionally, Random Original is a one-stop shop, in conjunction with our agency, we have production facilities, 12,000 sq. ft of studios, editing bays, photographers, personnel, models…just about anything and everything you need for marketing and advertising…we have!

Q: What services does Random Original provide?

Random Original is a full service advertising agency, with full production facilities, pre and post production services, green screen, 3-d, still and photography, copyright, editing, SEO, Social Media Management, and 12,000 sq. ft of studios in Everett.  We also have multiple locations on the West Coast.

Q: If I need banner ads, can Random Original help me?

YES!!  If it is determined if banner ads are the correct tool to use to maximize your marketing dollars, we can, from start to finish, create, execute and deliver your banner ads.

Q: I’m in a hurry, can Random Original accommodate my deadline?

Absolutely….our Studios & Production facilities are available 24/7, 365 days per year.  Although nobody wants to work on Christmas, we can provide the manpower and facilities to make sure your job gets done, on time. Normally, short term projects with deadlines are handled in due course as a normal part of our business.

Q: Is Random Original expensive?

Random Original has complete production facilities, studios, and personnel in house to handle all of your marketing needs, we eliminate the middleman, and when under agency agreement with us, that allows us to provide you with reduced rates. This provides you with an economical solution, and the highest quality result available in the market.