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Random Original Production’s just wrapped production on Season 1 of “Down to Business with Josh Dirks”.  Down to Business is a media/TV series that focuses on providing in-depth coverage on marketing and advertising trends that impact businesses from the small business owner to Fortune 500 companies.  You can view all episodes at http://www.d2b.tv

Random Original, the parent company of Random Original Production, is a full service advertising agency.  Our creative advertising team provide all of the ideas, insights, and possibilities for businesses to receive a high return on their marketing and advertising investment that are featured on the show.

Random Original sets itself apart with its creative idea’s.  Since the economy has struggled over the years businesses need more then just creative ideas which is why we created the Random Original Challenge.

The Random Original Challenge is our guarantee that we can save our clients a minimum of 25% across the board on their advertising budget on an apples to apples comparison.  This includes the entire annual marketing budget for:

*media purchases
*broadcast, radio, print and online
*production & post production
*layout & design
*social media management
*brand management
*website & hosting
*search engine optimization

This is a no-holds barred challenge.  If we do not succeed then we will produce your broadcast commercial FREE for a whole year!

It is not logistically possible for every business to be a participant on the show, however if you would like a customized marketing campaign with detailed strategies, contact us at (323) 454-3767 or (206) 271-8882.

What would your business do with an additional 25% towards a marketing budget?