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At Random Original we do a lot of development and we are very proud of everything we work on. However, sometimes a project comes along which isn’t just fun, it makes you hungry! And that is exactly what happened with Burgers! a documentary our team got behind. A fun cheeky documentary about all the fantastic burger joints located around the Pacific Northwest.

Here is a little sneak preview with the sizzle reel for the doc. Hope you enjoy! And if you’re not craving a burger by the end of it, well lets just say we hope you aren’t Vegan.

We would specifically like the thank Ray’s Drive-In for particpating and allowing us to come have a little fun with them at their fantastic burger establishment. If you’re ever in Everett, WA you don’t want to miss out on enjoy their amazing menu. A personal favorite of our teams that wasn’t mentioned in the sizzle reel, but was shown, is Ray’s fried mushrooms!